Marion Cotillard nude

Marion is very special French actress, who has no problem to take roles, where she could be seen without any clothes. We could see her naked in movies: Taxi, Une Affaire privée, My Sex Life, Toi et moi, Furia and many more uncut, uncensored European films that are way more sexually explicit than Hollywood allows. In Taxi for example she shows hairy bush, big round breasts and almost whole naked body. Her another movie Pretty Things, she reveals her brown bush on her pussy, nice light brown nipples on her tits and perfect skin.

Full curves of Marion magnificant body you can see in movie Private Affairs, where again this very talented actress shows fluffy bush, round boobs with hard nipples and all part of her european body. She was also taking roles, in which just teasing with her moves, like in movie Nine, where she played stripper in laced underwear. Next picture: Good year, Taxi 2 and very famous movie Public Enemies, where she having a bath and we all see her delightful wet body. It is obvious that Marion is not very shy girl and she played girls in very kinky situation, in which are completly naked.